Massivit 1800

Massivit 1800 employs ground-breaking Gel Dispensing Printing technology to deliver incredible productivity, awesome results and massive profitability. It’s one big act to follow.


Massivit 3D:

Massivit offers a cost-effective and future-looking way to ensure business continuity.

  • Maximize productivity
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to operate
  • Solid partner
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Branding a retail store with 3D elements A great example of how 3D printing can instantly bring your brand and store experience to life. The need to make brand identity and
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  Selfie point made with Massivit 3D   How 3D printing can bridge the digital world with the real world – promoting a new Airport App  Tel-Aviv’s international airport named after Mr.
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     Carisma Large Format & Massivit 3D demonstrate the power of 3D Print enhanced advertising Creating one of a kind outstanding  bus shelter wraps.  Just outside the Las Vegas
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The Massivit 3D max. printing size

  • 5’9” 180 cm
  • 4’9” 150 cm
  • 3’9” 120 cm
News & Events
"Bigger, Faster, Better” -  Taking 3D printing in a different direction A feature story on Visual Impact magazine Australia Sept/Oct 2016  
  “American premiere of New 3D Printing Solutions for Visual Communication Application”  Just coming back from another successful exhibition where the Massivit 1800 was demonstrating live how 3D prints are
CARISMA USES MASSIVIT 3D PRINTER TO PRODUCE ATTENTION-GRABBING LARGE FORMAT BUS WRAPS FOR NEW GHOSTBUSTERS MOVIE   US-based large format print business produces spook-tacular 14 feet 3D printed graphics to promote