3D printed sculptures for a luxury hotel

Adding a new revenue dimension to your print business


E.S. Digital is a leading 2D printing house specializing in wide format digital printing and signage. An ambitious, forward-thinking company, E.S. Digital sees large format 3D printing as an exciting new phase in the evolution of its business, and the company has been keen to lead the field!  In close cooperation with Massivit, E.S. has transitioned successfully into 3D large-format printing, and is enjoying cross-sell opportunities and new revenue streams within its existing customer base.

 Super-size 3D printing technology meets eye-catching décor3D printed large black panther close up

The Fattal hotel chain is an existing E.S. Digital customer for signage and digital printing.
With the launch of “NYX Tel Aviv”, its new luxury concept hotel targeting hip, young fashion-oriented clientele with a focus on urban designer-living, Fattal was excited about featuring interior design accessories made using 3D printing technologies.
Impressed by E.S. Digital’s ability to 3D print realistic, durable and beautifully finished objects within a rapid timeframe, Fattal commissioned the Black Panther!

How it Was Done

The “Black Panther” model was created in just 4 hours using the Massivit 1800 with Dimengel technology. The one-piece 3D model was sanded and coated to achieve the special effects, then in the final step covered with light resistance protective lacquer.  Additional stability was provided by styrofoam filling.


Large 3D printed panther for hotel lobbyRapidly turning imaginative idea into reality
High-quality finish and durability
Manufactured in one-piece (not in parts)

Fattal NYX was so delighted with the results they ordered 8 more units following immediately and are set to order many more! The Black Panthers are proudly displayed in each floor of the hotel!  

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