Streamline your scenic fabrication

Massivit brings your studio effortlessly into the digital age, boosting your productivity customer satisfaction and profitability.

Work Smarter

Eliminate molds, shorten your response times, enjoy mess-free production and increase productivity. Delight your customers by offering fascinating new solutions faster than ever before

Creativity Unlimited

Enjoy the freedom to create complex forms, and hollow and internally illuminated objects. Start personalizing and localizing objects. Make accurate copies while still enabling variations and much more. You can even use the 3D printed objects as your master for mold-making or for use as a mold.

Competitive Edge

Meet tight deadlines and win tenders with next day turn-around – even for complex projects.

Easy Operation

Intuitive touchscreen operation and user-friendly software makes working with Massivit 1800 as easy as operating your smart phone. The magic stays in your design and creativity, but there is no magic needed in the workflow.

Seamless integration into your current finishing processes

Printed objects can be finished in the same way and using materials you are familiar with. Enjoy an amazing range of finishes.