The power of GDP technology

Massivit’s patented Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology enables objects to be 3D printed at remarkable size, speed, versatility and ease. GDP is a delicate balance of print engine movement speed, curing unique material properties, and smart algorithms, enabling the printing of super-sized objects at super-fast speeds.

Earth-friendly 3D printing 

Massivit 3D printing makes a big impact on your business, not the environment. From low energy curing to support-free printing, we ensure solutions have a minimal environmental footprint: 

  • Hollow lightweight products minimize cost of transportation and handling
  • Minimal waste additive process
  • Low energy consumption LED UV curing
  • No support structures required, eliminates post-printing clean-up

It’s our commitment to a more sustainable future.

The Massivit 3D max. printing size

  • 5’9” 180 cm
  • 4’9” 150 cm
  • 3’9” 120 cm