Easter, A Big 3D Printer, And A Huge Year-Round Opportunity For PSPs

Easter, A Big 3D Printer, And A Huge Year-Round Opportunity For PSPs



Holidays offer PSPs the opportunity to enhance their retail customers’ shopping experience with decorations and promotions that capture the holiday. . .and boost sales. For the proactive PSP owner, there is an even bigger opportunity than just creating these lucrative marketing elements.


Holidays = The Potential To Partner


Some retail managers plan their marketing and promotions a year in advance. With the calendar in front of them, they plan specific sales and promotions for each holiday.


This is an opportunity for PSPs.


Many retail owners and managers are not aware of the latest printing technology and trends available for them to create the best holiday atmosphere inside their stores. IDC printing industry analyst, Tim Greene, revealed that:


“Customers on the buyer side do not know much about printing anymore. They think of printing as an old medium and need their PSPs to show them new ideas, new substrates, and different products that are available to them.” -Tim Greene, IDC Analyst


In Tim Greene’s webinar, he suggests PSPs actively partner with their customers to help them achieve their goals.


Be part of your customer’s planning and as a strategic partner. You can open their mind to more possibilities with printing and wind up securing business for every holiday of the year.


3d printed santa claus
McGowans Print 3D-printed a Santa mold then thermoformed this display

Who Has Time To Plan That Far In Advance?


Not every business can plan the year ahead of time. Some managers might be overwhelmed with work or understaffed and can’t afford the time to sit down and plan.


Whatever the reason, these store managers might truly appreciate updates on advertising and printing trends and advice and guidance on how to bring an upcoming holiday to life in their stores with festive promotions.


Craig Miller of Las Vegas-based Pictographics says:


“Empathy marketing is the ability to anticipate the client’s needs before they know they want something.” -Craig Miller, Owner of Pictographics  


Easter, Halloween, Christmas, And A Big 3D Printer


Lovable Easter bunnies, jolly Santas, flashing bats, giant chocolate raccoons, lucky leprechauns. . .you can fill your clients’ stores with characters customers can touch and take selfies with. These larger-than-life characters will build excitement and boost sales.



One new technology that is enabling PSPs to bring holidays to life like this in stores is large format 3D printing. With Massivit 3D’s big 3D printer, you can deliver anything you or your clients imagine.



Even last-minute ideas can be delivered with this big 3D printer. It is fast!


Massivit 3D’s printers are so fast, they give PSPS the freedom to take jobs that could not be completed in time using any other technology. That is, PSPs can accept and deliver jobs others cannot. Here is proof:



The Massivit 1800 3D printer can print two models at a time and in various positions for multiple, similar yet different, 3D-printed displays.


No more saying, “Can’t do it in time” if a customer wants to pounce on a hot trend. This big 3D printer lets you deliver.



Sky is the limit, both in creativity and in size.  


Signs That Attract Attention


If the sky is the limit on size, then the moon is the limit on creativity.


Complex shapes and curves are no challenge for this big 3D printer, whether it’s a sign or a lifesize superhero. Cursive channel letters, slanted channel letters, or just unique shapes, are easy with 3D printing.



Show your retail customers these samples and open their mind and creative juices to the possibilities.


To increase foot traffic, suggest holiday signage that incorporates 3D. Research shows that 3D elements attract more attention. And because 3D printing files are digital, it takes a few clicks to modify files to create localized signs or display for individual stores.  


The Holiday Wrap-Up


According to IDC analyst, Tim Greene, print buyers need help knowing what is available for them.


Holidays then become an opportunity for PSPs to proactively help their customers not just as a vendor, but as a strategic partner, providing information on the latest trends and new technology. Working together, you can help your customers improve their customers’ in-store experience, leading to increased sales. Massivit 3D can help you deliver whatever your client imagines.


3D-printed chocolate bunny
3D-printed chocolate bunny by ES Digital


Download this free ebook to learn more: 5 Reasons To Incorporate 3D Printing Into Your Wide Format Digital Print Business.



[Featured image background photo by Graphic Node on Unsplash]


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