How To Meet Your Halloween Deadline – Sewing Kit? Foam Cutting Tools? 3D Printer?


3D printed monster

Have you ever walked into a Halloween office or house party and been awed by the props? With little time left til the ghoulish holiday, and many of us under the gun to prepare for it, you now have a new tool to help you get ready. You can 3D print your favorite Halloween décor, props, lanterns, dismembered limbs, and animatronics. That’s right. Put an end to purchasing pre-fabbed pumpkins. And put down those foam cutting tools. Large format 3D printing is now fast, super-sized, and spectacular, with endless spookification capabilities. Look what you can do with the technology.


When There Is Not Enough Time To Carve Props With Foam Cutting Tools


It’s almost Halloween. The deadline is too tight. (How many times have you heard that before?) Your options are limited, so let’s look at 3D printing. Many times, large format 3D printing is your only option for getting props produced on time when faced with scary deadlines.  


And if a giant Frankenstein or Darth Maul is your thing, look no further. 3D design and modeling software lets you bring to life any spine-chilling, super-sized creature you can imagine. Size has no boundaries, and the Massivit 1800 can print up to 6 feet high… for a single part.


Whether it’s a witch (the #5 Google searched costume this year) or Yoda. Whether an 8-foot skeleton or a bloodcurdling dinosaur, 3D printing puts the power of creation in your hands.


3D printed Hulk


This 4-foot (1.2-meter) tall Hulk was 3D printed in 15.5 hours by Dangling Carrot Creative in California. New York-based Carisma, famous for their 3D-printed bus wraps, printed this 22-inch (half-meter) tall Yoda head in under 5 hours.


3D printed Yoda head


How do Massivit 3D large format printers work faster than smaller desktop 3D printers?


The Secret to Super-fast Large Format 3D Printing


Desktop 3D printers use a heated filament that requires far more time to print than Massivit 3D printers which were used to print the Yoda and Hulk above. Massivit 3D solutions leverage patented Gel Dispensing Technology that prints super-sized objects frighteningly fast. It also prints objects hollow, and that makes it easy to add illumination. (You can also add your head—if you wish to wear Yoda as a mask.)


3D Is Dead-On


Complex shapes are no longer a challenge. Instead of relying on foam carving tools that sometimes slip or CNC machines that are limited in geometry freedom, you can now dream up any crazy curves or difficult angles on the screen and rest assured that you’ll end up with what you conceptualized.


3D printed dinosaur

3D/2D Triceratops exhibit executed by METROPOLE, France.


There’s no guesswork. It’s digital. And it’s out of this world.


3D Printing Big Time


Need a skeleton for your Halloween pool party? Check out our Mexican friend, Morti, the skeleton. He stretches 27.5 feet (8.3 meters) across. Printing time: 120 hours. That’s scary fast. (Assembly required!)


Giant “Morti” skeleton produced by Moti Digital 3D, Mexico.


Large format 3D printing is the hero when you are faced with hauntingly tight deadlines or a rapidly approaching Halloween. . .and no time or desire to travel to the store.


Whether you need a mask, a full-blown costume, or larger-than-life props for a major event, Massivit 3D’s solutions are the tech that can take you from “How can I get it done?” to “Wow, what’s next!”


The 3D printed projects displayed here were produced by Massivit 3D customers.
Top image 3D printed by Diego Licenblat.

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