New 3D Printing Technology Makes 2018 a Happy New Year!

New 3D Printing Technology Makes 2018 a Happy New Year!

How is your New Year’s resolution going?  At Massivit, each employee goes to the gym every day  ; )  and we call our moms at least once a week. The other resolution we are proud to report fulfilled is that our blog is live. Finally!

Welcome to Massivit’s New Blog!

Our blog gives us the opportunity to share updates, trends, and developments with you. It will open your mind to opportunities and allow you to hear leading members of your own industry as guest writers are invited to post. You will be able to read case studies from within your industry, stories of how similar businesses used wide-format 3D printing to overcome a challenge or to capture the “wow” effect.

The information you’ll read here will differ from what you may find on our website. For starters, our blog intends to answer questions of when, why, and how wide-format 3D printing is more efficient than traditional creation of 3D PoPs, scenery, billboards and more.

See How Others Use The New 3D Printing Technology

New 3d printing technology posWhile we build our blog, we’ll include inspiring videos showcasing the work of printing houses, service bureaus, exhibition and trade show booth manufacturers, and more. The videos will display the possibilities wide-format 3D printing offers to plant creative seeds for your, and your clients’, businesses.

With Massivit’s wide-format 3D printer, anything is possible. Size is not a challenge. Creativity is not limited. And fast turnaround time is on your side. Our patented 3D printing technology, dual print engines, and super-fast curing time enables clients to print faster, and that opens the door for more jobs in their cue.

You can read all about it in our blog.

Subscribe now at the top right of this page to get the latest posts delivered to you. Let’s make 2018 a giant success with the new 3D printing technology that is spreading around the world.



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