When Competition Is Tough, This 3D Printing Machine Will Make You Stand Out

When Competition Is Tough, This 3D Printing Machine Will Make You Stand Out


The vehicle graphics industry is very competitive, especially in New York. When one company wanted to rise above their competitors, they began offering wide format 3D printing with Massivit. Customers’ jobs began lining up before they even had the 3D printing machine.

The Challenge: Breaking Free From Tough Competition

Do you face tough competition every time you price a job? Carisma Printing specializes in creating cutting-edge visual communications, especially vehicle graphics. Visit New York and you’ll see their work on food trucks and buses around the city. Even though they are a popular large format print provider, Carisma knew they knew they needed a way to differentiate their business from similar businesses. Marketing 101: Be different to stand out.

For Carisma’s part, they added innovations to their vehicle embellishments. They employed  extensions, creative light displays, and lenticular images.

Then they found out about Massivit’s wide format 3D printing ability. They saw the opportunity to change the face of vehicle graphics.

The Solution: Massivit’s Wide Format 3D Printing Machine

Offering 3D advertising by adding wide format 3D printing to their 2D capabilities raised Carisma above their competitors. Now they could offer clients a new way to pop out among the clutter. And pop they did, starting with some angry birds.

Carisma found out that Sony Pictures wanted to do something original for their upcoming movie release of Angry Birds. Before they even owned the Massivit 1800 wide format printer, Carisma created a sample 3D Angry Bird with the help of Massivit’s support team in Israel. Sony loved it and Carisma entered wide format 3D printing, an unknown world to them at the time. The Angry Birds buses were a hit in Hollywood. You can see the video below.


Wide Format 3D Printing Made it Possible

This 3D bus advertising separated Carisma from their competition. They had other jobs lined up before the Angry Birds project was completed. And because the new 3D printing technology saves several steps of production, it’s possible to take on more work.

Show your customers what wide format 3D printing can do. Download our application brochure to gauge interest. For your advertising agency clients, knowing this technology is available could help them pitch new ideas to get new accounts, just like Carisma. Watch the video below.



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