Tight deadlines are no match for this large 3D printer

Tight deadlines are no match for this large 3D printer



When a client wants more than the “traditional,” this large 3D printer breaks the limits to what you can deliver. In the case of ES Digital, the sky was their limit. . .but with limited time to deliver. The only way to get the job, and to get the job done, was to use their large 3D printer.

The Challenge: Tight Deadline

It was July, 2017. In a handful of weeks, a cutting-edge airliner would lift off from the Boeing factory in the United States for its maiden flight to its new home: Israel. The 787 Dreamliner would be the new showpiece of El Al’s impressive fleet. Company executives as well as dignitaries wanted to celebrate when that gorgeous bird touched down at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv.

Besides chips and dips, El Al’s team wanted something really “delicious” to mark the momentous acquisition. A giant 2D poster of the Dreamliner just wouldn’t cut it. They needed something as innovative and impressive as the plane itself — a giant 3D replica — and fast. They called ES Digital, an advertising and wide format signage company that owned the first Massivit 1800.

The Solution: Massivit 3D

ES Digital knew what the client wanted: a wide format 3D airplane replica of the new Dreamliner. El Al sent a digital file of the airplane. The designer at ES Digital simply resized the file. In a few clicks, the plane was 2.5 meters long with a 2.8 meter wingspan. (8.2′ x 9.1′) With a couple more clicks, the plane took off for their large format 3D printer.

It took seven hours for the large format 3D printer to complete the plane in sections. The next step was Bondo. This is typically the eighth step in traditional construction, but Massivit’s large format 3D printer skips the first seven steps. What a time saver!

Even if the team at ES Digital had to design the entire plane from scratch, with 3D design software, creating duplicate parts like wings, engines, and turbines is as fast and easy as copy and paste.


large 3D printer plane


Printing the plane in sections kept costs down. The finishing, including assembly, took one week.

Wide Format 3D Printing Made it Possible

Without the Massivit 1800, ES Digital would not have been able to accept this project because of the tight deadline. This is not the only time shops were able to accept and deliver jobs only because they had a Massivit 3D printer:

  1. PrintHpole delivered an amazing point of purchase display
  2. 3Motion designed and created TWO 10-meter (34ft) tall bottles  
  3. Colorzenith 3D printed a classic car for the Italian opera

Owning this new 3D printing technology is opening the doors to more business, and Ariel at ES Digital will tell you clients are requesting it.                                                                                                                                                 

“Clients are demanding wide format 3D printing,” Ariel said.

3D design software makes it very easy to duplicate parts, even in different sizes. You can also create multiple identical objects in different positions in seconds. This was an impossible task to achieve quickly until now. As for ES Digital’s Dreamliner, there was only one position needed: a 45 degree angle depicting lift off — as well as forecasting a rising sales curve.

Create multiple identical objects in different positions in seconds.

Show your customers what wide format 3D printing can do. Download our application brochure to gauge interest. For your advertising agency clients, knowing this technology is available could help them pitch new ideas to get new accounts. That’s business that will land with you. Watch the video below. 



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