Massivit 3D Extends XXL 3D Printing Opportunities with the European Launch of the Massivit 1800 Pro and New Applications at FESPA 2019

Lod, Israel, 6th May 2019 – Massivit 3D Printing Technologies, the leading provider of large format 3D printing solutions, will be taking XXL 3D printing to new heights at FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 with the European launch of its Massivit 1800 Pro 3D Printer.


Designed to maximize production cost effectiveness, quality and flexibility, the Massivit 1800 Pro will be showcased for the first time in Europe at FESPA Global Print Expo in Munich, May 14-17 (B5-F49) where visitors will be invited to step into a duty free style wonderworld of outstanding, crowd-stopping, 3D retail and exhibition-related applications. As a result of key customer partnerships, the stand will feature a giant smart watch, a huge shoe in freeze motion, attractive corrugated displays produced with 2D/ 3D printing, and an eye-catching aeroplane flying over the booth that will be visible from afar.


Visitors to the stand will be able to see live demonstrations of the Massivit 1800 Pro large format 3D printer and to consult with Applications Engineers about its capabilities to produce giant, custom props, displays, and signage with full geometry freedom at high speed.


“We are excited to unveil the numerous capabilities and concrete business benefits that the Massivit 1800 Pro delivers,” stated Amir Veresh, VP Business Development and Marketing at Massivit 3D. “The company’s vision is to assist print shops to overcome intense market competition, increase their profit margins, enter new niche markets, and attract new clients by offering fresh services, applications and design possibilities. The new Massivit 1800 Pro will empower print shops to be leaders in their market and to benefit from its fresh production capabilities; cost-effectiveness, outstanding reliability, and precise repeatability.”


The Massivit 1800 Pro features a ground-breaking, patented Variable Resolution capability, that assures a highly cost-effective production process. It can be predefined via the printer’s Massivit SMART Pro software that allows a change of print mode (resolution level and layer thickness) on-the-fly during the printing of a model, according to the varying requirements of different model sections. In addition, a new Mega Quality resolution mode allows for faster, high-quality printing of large objects, optimizing gel consumption and printing time.


There are also advancements in optimizing durability and resolution, and remote-operation options to monitor printing progress via a tablet. These significantly enhance operation efficiency and convenience.


Uptime is maximized by new, simple, automated maintenance procedures that are triggered according to collected data, as well as customizable priorities for preventative maintenance.


Designed to serve the visual communication, entertainment, concept prototyping, and interior design arenas, the Massivit 1800 Pro 3D Printer produces super-sized, captivating signage, displays and props at high speed, high resolution, and with perfect repeatability.


It joins the Massivit 1800 Flagship 3D Printer and the Massivit 1500 Exploration 3D Printer in a portfolio developed to empower print service providers and help them expand their business into new markets.


A happy hour event will be held for the press at Massivit 3D’s stand, B5-F49, on 15th May at 17:00. To RSVP and arrange a personal interview with key members of the company’s management team, contact Ingrid Van Loocke at


About Massivit 3D

Massivit 3D Printing Technologies Ltd. ( is a leading provider of large format 3D printing hardware for visual communication applications. The company’s solutions enable the creation of super-size advertising, promotional and other marketing-oriented 3D printed sign and display projects for a growing range of sectors – including retail, events and exhibitions, entertainment and architecture. Massivit 3D’s proprietary Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology leverages the company’s unique, instantly-curing printing gel, Dimengel, to quickly and cost-effectively produce lightweight, hollow 3D printed models up to 1.8m / 6ft high.

Founded in 2013 by a team of digital printing pioneers, Massivit 3D is headquartered in Lod, Israel, and serves customers worldwide with end-to-end services and through a well-distributed network of global resellers.

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