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Go viral with large format 3D Printed Campaigns. Guaranteed stopping power and shareability.

Whether out of home, in store, or zipping past on a promotional vehicle, large format 3D advertising gives you the power to surprise and charm your audience with every new campaign. Inject your omnichannel outreach with the sensory and physical impact of supersized characters and products; allow your consumers to touch, feel, and fall in love with your brand.




Why the Trend? Top Brands Adopt Massivit 3D

Recognized brands, including Coca Cola, Carolina Herrera, Louis Vuitton, Macy’s, Netflix, Nike and more have adopted large format 3D printing as part of their ongoing omnichannel strategy to create interactive and memorable consumer experiences. Massivit 3D makes guerilla marketing and other tactics easy to execute and can shave weeks off delivery time.

  • Create a buzz. Make it shareable. Bring any supersized, captivating character or product to life.
  • Produce an immersive, sensory consumer experience to complement your digital outreach.
  • Tailor campaigns to optimize strategic locations or contexts with exclusive applications.
  • 100% customizable. Release your wildest, creative fantasies. No limits to shape or size.
  • 100% digital means controlled results. Adhere to brand guidelines and execute multipoint distribution.
  • Accelerate turnarounds with super-fast, 3D printing.
  • Associate your brand with the most advanced 3D printing technology.



In order to meet the consumer’s expectations for multi-channel shopping, the stores must reinvent themselves… 90% of retail sales worldwide are still made through physical stores.

Deloitte Report – “Global Powers of Retailing 2018”


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Infinite Creative and Promotional Possibilities


100+ Large Format, 3D Printed Campaign Applications

Massivit 3D is transforming the way high-level marketing and advertising creatives conceive campaigns because the possibilities are now infinite.




Stopping Power for Every Context – Retail, In Store, Out of Home, Exhibitions, Events…

  • 3D giant, illuminated POP displays and dimensional security gates
  • Stunning retail window displays and custom mannequins
  • 2D/3D combined billboards
  • Personalized exhibition booths and pop-up stores
  • Supersized events props and irresistible selfie points
  • Outdoor guerilla marketing stunts and bus shelters
  • 3D bus wraps
  • 3D logos, branded elements, and channel letters
  • Customized, large-scale SEG frames (soft signage)


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Louis Vuitton – World’s First 3D Printed Pop-up Store, Australia

Louis Vuitton’s vision: “To radiate the opulence of the company’s safari-inspired men’s line.” Louis Vuitton shared with shoppers that 3D printing encapsulates Louis Vuitton’s innovation and fresh-thinking attitude. Robert Grosso, Innovation Director at OMUS/ SEEN Technology, said “Oversized 3D printing can interpret and deliver a designer’s visions in a way that no other fabrication method can. Louis Vuitton’s boldness and faith also went a long way to making it a reality.”

Karl Lagerfeld and ModelCo Storm Paris with a Flash Mob, France

“We took over the major landmarks in Paris. For us, it was very important that we really engaged with the audience out there.”

Pier Paolo Righi – CEO, Karl Lagerfeld

Sony Pictures – Angry Birds Movie Launch, USA

Sony Pictures demands dimensional 3D bus wraps for its movie launches. Traveling across several U.S states, the buses capture the attention of thousands of pedestrians and bring the animated characters to life.

Giant Ski Boot, Goggles, and Helmet Props Take SkiDeal Company Viral, Italy

“Any company can advertise, but when your clients share and comment on your images and posts, it can go viral. We were looking for interesting engagement points to connect clients with our brand. We you introduced unique, physical 3D elements that they could touch and feel. When you’re standing on a huge boot or you have a huge, funny helmet on your head, it brings much more engagement and generate Likes, Shares, and Comments.”

Ronen Katz – CEO, SkiDeal


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