Ensure your academics and students have the tools to enable new discoveries with unique large-volume additive manufacturing technology. Facilitate advancements in 3D printing technology. Innovate the next milestone in product development and manufacturing across a range of industries.

Video credits: 3D Printed by Dangling Carrot Creative, Sismaitalia, 3D Next Level.

Provide your Faculty with Next-Gen Additive Manufacturing Capabilities

Innovation demands fresh processes and next-gen technology. Equip your faculty with cutting-edge 3D printing technology to empower its goals in EDUCATION and RESEARCH.

Chemistry & Sciences
Art & Design
Mechanical Engineering

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Massivit 3D’s advanced, large-volume, photo polymeric additive manufacturing technology enables you to attain new academic milestones across a wide range of disciplines for your teaching or studying purposes. Create fresh workflows and fabricate custom-built parts and prototypes in any shape or size at high speed and with lower costs.

Benefits for Academic Faculties and Fab Labs:
• Make discoveries across multiple industries using advanced additive manufacturing
• Save on consumables with cost-friendly 3D printing materials
• Produce large, custom parts and models with unlimited size and complex geometries
• Benefit from existing applications across a range of global industries
• Produce 3D printed scale one mock-ups and concept prototypes


Formulate new discoveries, contribute to the evolution of additive manufacturing, and explore new applications and software possibilities related to photo polymeric materials.

Benefits for Research:
• Perform research into photo polymeric chemical materials using advanced, cost-friendly Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP)
• Explore and develop 3D printing algorithms and software
• Learn from existing GDP applications in various fields
• Join our Beta!

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