Large-Scale 3D Printing for Automotive





Automotive OEM’s and service bureaus are adopting additive manufacturing to shorten their lead times, reduce costs, overcome labor shortages, and improve component quality. Massivit 3D printers allow automakers to directly print full-scale parts for cars, buses, trucks, recreational vehicles or motorcycles in a fraction of the time taken with conventional methods that are extremely labor-intensive.

Find out how 3D printing will automate and upgrade your production of large automotive composites and components.


  • Large components for cars, EVs, Formula 1, supercars, RVs, LVs, trucks, buses, motorcycles
  • 3D-printed industrial molds for carbon fiber car seats, body panels, bumpers, lips, and hoods
  • Full-scale tools, jigs, and manufacturing aids to optimize assembly, training, and QA
  • Rapid prototyping (fitment & functional) for design, development, testing and validation


  • Automate production, assembly, and development
  • Print industrial Epoxy molds for composites within days instead of weeks
  • Create complex, custom designs based on digital CAD files or 3D scans
  • Achieve agile design, development, and validation with instant iterations
  • Reduce your carbon footprint, minimize waste of raw materials


Top Image: Formula car produced by Ben Gurion University team with nose 3D printed on a Massivit 1800 by Eli Dar and wing mandrels 3D printed on a Massivit 10000 tooling system prior to carbon layup.  

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SEMA Launch of Wide Body Kit Prototype

An industry first – the 2020 Supra MK5 Widebody Kit was launched at SEMA 2019. The kit prototype was 3D printed in 16 parts in just 64 hours. “This was a crazy timeline that would not have been possible without the 3D printer. Since Massivit 3D can print on such a large scale, they are really pushing the envelope on what the industry will start seeing here” said TJ Hunt.

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World-First Full Scale 3D Printed Concept Car for FAI

Takumi Yamamoto, renowned designer of the GT by Citroen, unveils the world’s first 3D printed scale concept car, produced on a Massivit 1800 by Marie 3D. Commissioned by the prestigious Festival Automobile International in Paris, FAI President Rémi Depoix said: “I am very impressed with this new technology. It opens up new opportunities in terms of creativity and design for the automotive industry.”

Watch the DB Project video here.

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