Protective Face Shields for Dentists and Surgeons

Specialized Face Shields Designed to Accommodate LOUPES + HEADLIGHTS

Massivit 3D, in partnership with Senior Dentist, Dr. Danny Ziskind, has designed a new 3D-printable face shield suitable for all types of Dental and Surgical loupes and portable headlights. This PPE face shield can be produced on a Massivit 3D printer in just 11 minutes!

Gcode printing file for Dental/Surgical Face Shield WITH Headlight (Massivit 1800 with UV Twin) > Download here
Print time: 13 mins
Weight: 136.94g

Gcode printing file for Dental/Surgical Face Shield WITHOUT Headlight (Massivit 1800 with UV Twin) > Download here
Print time: 11 mins
Weight: 126.84g

New Protective Face Shield for Dentists and Surgeons

Adaptable to All Types of Dental/ Surgical Loupes:
• For glasses with built in lens
• For loupes installed on top of glasses
• For independent loupes

Even More Perks:
• Ability to adjust angle of loupes as required during procedures: move up or down
• Easy to sanitize between patients thanks to detachable Velcro strip
• Non-curved front transparent sheet to avoid distorted view
• Air outlet above frame to prevent fogging
• Flexible for almost any head size


The Massivit 3D PPE Dental/Surgical Face Shields are made of polyacrylate for the frame, and 175 micron acetate for the shields. These shields are not medical masks and, if used without other protection, offer only a minimal physical barrier. Massivit 3D makes no medical claims with regard to their usage and does not claim to be able to prevent the transmission of disease. Our shields are not FDA approved. Our shields are limited, handcrafted items and the company is not affiliated with any organizations, manufacturers, companies, or medical services.
As with all health considerations, if you are seeking a face shield to wear in relation to medical issues, please consult with a trusted medical professional to determine compatibility with your personal physical condition. These face shields do not come with filters or the option to insert filters. The face shields are not assembled in a sterile environment, however all possible precautions have been taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing and limited person-to-person contact outside of the immediate production facility. Gloves are worn during assembly, however cleaning of shields prior to any use is always recommended as an extra precaution.