Groundbreaking Large Format 3D Printing at Unprecedented Speed

Transforming industries across 6 continents.

Open House in Las Vegas: Sep 16/17!
JOIN US! See large-volume 3D printing live and find out how to cut your production time in half for props and sets. Max. 10 attendees with face masks. Register here…
CEO Presents at Jefferies Industrials Conference 2020 -…
Hear Massivit 3D’s CEO, Erez Zimerman, discuss transformative technological developments and the company’s strategic directions ahead.
Massivit 3D Community Provides COVID-19 PPE Equipment
Our global team and customers have been busy pivoting their resources and skills towards producing specialized Dental and Surgical protective face shields, door openers, and general PPE.

Advancing Multiple Markets:

Visual Communication  


Engineering Industries  


Customer Success Stories


Adaequo Success Story - The "Snowball Effect" of Large 3D Printing for Retail


Emporio Armani Implements 2nd Series of 3D Out of Home Billboards leveraging Colorzenith’s Massivit 1800


Architecture & Creative Construction

Towards Sustainable Construction – Are Fiberglass & Silicone Molds for Concrete the Only Way Forward?

How can large format 3D printing reduce concrete consumption towards more sustainable construction, make construction more cost-effective, and significantly…
Advertising & Retail

2020 – 3 Retail Advertising Trends You Need to Know

As we head into a fresh decade, full of creative and business opportunities, it’s crucial to keep a finger…

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