Massivit 3D Printing Materials

Instantly-Curing Gel

Massivit 3D’s cutting-edge Gel Dispensing Printing technology (GDP) leverages unique, instantly curing photo polymer materials that cure on-the-fly during printing, enabling production of large parts, prototypes, and molds at unprecedented speed

> Radical Speed –
Cures during printing. Enables 30x the speed of other 3D printers

> Exceptionally Large Parts – 145cm x 111cm x 180cm or 57” x 44” x 70” per part

> Complex Geometries – Complex forms, overhangs, and horizontal ceilings

> No Waste – Parts can be 3D printed with little-to-no support structure

> Lightweight – Facilitates hollow models for convenient handling

> Flexible Post-Processing – Supports a range of finishes including composite materials reinforcement

Gel Dispensing Printing

Dimengel 400 New! [High Impact & High HDT]

Dimengel 400 is the strongest and toughest of Massivit 3D’s high-performance Gel Dispensing Printing materials. Its impact resistance makes it ideal for the most demanding functional prototyping and custom manufacturing. Full-scale internal cores can easily be 3D printed for layups, and large jigs and fixtures can be produced within a matter of hours. The material has a high Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) enabling production of large parts that can withstand elevated temperatures.
DIM 400 Technical Data Sheet

Dimengel 20-FR [Flame Retardant]

Dimengel 20-FR (DIM 20-FR) is the world’s first flame-retardant 3D printing thermoset gel for production of large parts. It allows Massivit 3D customers to meet essential flammability-related safety and performance requirements in accordance with industry regulations.
The polymer complies with the highest standard for flame-retardant materials, the UL94-V0, that contains a dedicated section (Blue Card) for additive manufacturing. Developed as a premium printing material for use with the Massivit 5000 industrial-grade 3D printer, this novel flame-retardant photo polymer serves a range of industries including Automotive, Marine, Aerospace, Rail and Scenic Fabrication. It

DIM 20-FR Technical Data Sheet

Dimengel 110 [High Definition]

Dimengel 110 (DIM 110) is a proprietary photo polymeric gel enabling high-definition 3D printing of solid objects, straight off the printer. Developed for use with the Massivit 5000 industrial-grade 3D printer, DIM 110 facilitates support-less, non-vertical parts, tops, and ceilings.
DIM 110 Technical Data Sheet

Dimengel 100 [General Purpose]

Dimengel 100 (DIM 100) is a proprietary photo polymeric gel that enables models to cure while printing, delivering solid objects straight off the printer. This unique material facilitates support-less, non-vertical parts, tops, and ceilings. The objects are hollow, semi-translucent, and can be illuminated.
DIM 100  Technical Data Sheet

Dimengel 300 [Transparent]

Dimengel 300 (DIM 300) is a translucent 3D printing photo polymeric gel for fast production of large parts. DIM 300 can be used with all Massivit 3D printers. It is suitable for multiple industries and facilitates a range of applications such as translucent prototyping, design verification, interior design, architecture, scenic displays, and a range of advertising applications.
DIM 300 Technical Data Sheet

Dimengel 90 [Cost-Effective]

Dimengel 90 (DIM 90) is a cost-effective derivative of the DIM 100, offering the same wide range of applications and finishing options without illumination. It is a proprietary photo polymeric acrylic gel that enables models to cure while printing, delivering solid objects straight off the printer. DIM 90 facilitates support-less, non-vertical hollow parts, tops, and ceilings.
DIM 90 Technical Data Sheet


Cast In Motion

CIM 500 [Casting Material]

CIM 500 is a modified epoxy system to be used by Massivit 3D’s CIM (Cast In Motion) technology, developed for direct printing of t ools and molds for the composite materials industry. Key Advantages:
• Enables isotropic, 3D printed molds
• High he at deflection temperature
• Relative ly low thermal expansion
CIM 500 Technical Data Sheet

Dimengel WB [Water Breakable]

Dimengel WB (Water Breakable) is a proprietary photopolymer material specially designed for the Massivit 10,000 printer equipped with LED curing process. This water breakable material enables the creations of parts with complex geometries, and printing without support. It is a breakaway material that c an be removed by immersing into water bath,
or peeld after exposure to water fog system, or by any other mechanical means.
Dimengel Water Breakable Technical Data Sheet