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Large 3D Printing – A Long-Awaited Milestone

The advent of 3D printing – or ‘additive manufacturing’ – has given rise to an enduring hype across many industries including healthcare, entertainment, fashion, and visual communication.

Beyond the allure of 3D printing, it also promised a new era in design and engineering processes such as prototyping, mockups, tooling and manufacturing, largely due to the ability of any small or large 3D printer to produce complex shapes and geometries based on digital designs. So far, the most prevalent 3D printing technologies – FDM SLA, DLP, SLS and MJ – have not been able to adequately fulfill the potential of 3D printing due to inherent limitations in either production speed or print volume.

Explore the specific advantages of large format 3D printing for visual communications, engineering, entertainment or interior design below.

“For 15 years, we have dreamed of a day when a printer would provide super-large scale, speed, and build strength at low print costs. The Massivit 1800 has delivered this for us.”

Sir Richard Taylor – Weta Workshop

A Large 3D Printer That Responds To Speed and Scale

In 2013, serial innovator and entrepreneur, Gershon Miller, invented a new, game-changing technology based on his accumulated expertise in 3D printing and 2D wide-format digital printing that would pave the way to rapid, large 3D printing and serve multiple industries.

This marked the birth of Massivit 3D printing solutions, and with it, an answer to existing limitations in speed and size which were hindering the evolution of 3D printing

Solving a market gap with fast, large, 3D printing


What Makes Massivit 3D’s Large 3D Printers Unique?

Massivit 3D’s patented Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) combines radical-speed additive-manufacturing technology with proprietary Dimengel printing materials and advanced pre-press software. Dimengel, a photopolymer acrylic gel, has several unique characteristics that enable rapid production of giant, hollow, durable models. The high viscosity of the printing material also allows for non-vertical parts to be produced without the need for support structures.

These combined features ultimately result in drastically reduced production time, labor, and overall costs while providing complete geometry freedom. In addition, the technology enables the production of models and displays of any size without limits as large 3D printed parts can be easily bonded together.

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A Portfolio of Large 3D Printers

 Massivit 1800Massivit 1800 ProMassivit 5000
No. of printing heads11 or 22
Printing Chamber Volume145cm x 111cm x 180cm (57" x 44" x 70")145cm x 111cm x 180cm (57" x 44" x 70")145cm x 111cm x 180cm (57” x 44” x 70”)
Unprecedented printing speed
(speed for 1m diameter cylinder)
300 mm/sec linear
35 cm (13.7")/hr on the Z axis
300 mm/sec linear
35 cm (13.7")/hr on the Z axis
300 mm/sec linear speed
35cm /13.7” on Z axis per hour

Massivit 3D offers a portfolio of large 3D printers that cater for a range of production needs, with the maximum printing volume reaching 145 cm x 111 cm x 180 cm (57” x 44” x 70”).

In terms of speed, Massivit 3D brings to market large 3D printers that outspeed other 3D printers by up to ten times the speed, building vertically on the Z-axis at 35 cm (14”) per hour.

This enables a dramatically faster production speed than other fabrication and manufacturing technologies such as CNC routing.

“For us it was impossible to hit the time frame with another technology.”

Florian Boje, Partner at Giò Forma

What Type of Businesses and Markets Benefit from Large 3D Printing?

Massivit 3D printing solutions are empowering businesses across many industries to create unique, large-scale, custom models, displays, signage, props, and structures, saving on production time and labor.

Some of the industries in which the technology is being leveraged are engineering, visual communication, entertainment, events, interior design, and architecture.

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Large 3D Printing - A Milestone for The Evolution of Wide Format Printing

The visual communication arena is the first to have significantly benefited from Massivit 3D’s high-speed, large 3D printing solutions. Wide format printing has experienced several technological milestones since its introduction in the late 1990s. As inks, substrates, and equipment improved, so did the results. The introduction of digital printing was undoubtedly an important turning point.

Large 3D printing now brings to this market a genuinely fresh dimension, both in terms of its proven advertising impact as well as the opportunity it provides for print shops to enter additional sectors with a range of new, outstanding applications.

The ability to provide complete customization for advertising campaigns combined with unlimited printing size and unprecedented speed has so far yielded more than one hundred new applications for retail, advertising, OOH, exhibitions, and events promotions.

Many Print Service Providers (PSPs) already combine 3D fabrication with their traditional 2D offering.

Massivit 3D printers:

  • Can print any shape or form
  • Can print super-sized models
  • Can print lightweight models
  • Can print hollow models for illumination
Large 3D printing is the latest breakthrough in the evolution of wide format printing.

Incorporating 3D with wide format 2D has greater impact


How to Define “Big” When it Comes to a Large 3D Printer

Massivit 3D printing solutions provide print shops, advertising agencies, and brands with the possibility to produce 2D and 3D campaigns without any size boundaries. Produced by print service, 3Motion, the two gateway BRU bottles to the right were 3D printed on a Massivit 1800 for Antwerp Central Station at a height of 10 meters (34 feet) and took only two weeks to complete from concept to installation.

Watch the BRU making-of video

Producing Lightweight, Durable, and Illuminated Models

Massivit 3D printing solutions produce hollow models and displays that are lightweight, easy to move, and easy to illuminate. By printing hollow, businesses can save on printing materials, time, costs, and waste. This League of Giants project was 3D printed by Composite Images for a roaming, nationwide sports campaign.

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Geometry Freedom for Complete Customization

Large 3D printing solves the limitations of 5-axis and 7-axis CNC machines that are commonly used to produce 3D props and displays. Massivit 3D printers can produce any complex shape or form and the set up is fast and simple compared with setting up a CNC router. In addition, there is no waste or mess.

“The machine enables the production of far more complex structures than what we can achieve by hand or on our CNC routing machines.”

Steve Gallow, Co-Owner, Media Resources

The Benefits of Large 3D Printing for Interior Design

Interior design and architecture are reaping the benefits of large 3D printing, largely due to the design flexibility that 3D printing affords. Designed on CAD software, elements including decor, lighting, accents, and furniture can be rapidly fabricated with complete geometry freedom. The lightweight yet durable nature of Massivit 3D printed hollow models brings new possibilities to these industries. In addition, illumination and backlighting is made easy due to the range of transparencies available. Large 3D printing also enables 3D molds to be produced in a fraction of the time that other technologies take to produce molds. Massivit 3D printers are used in a range of industries to create 3D molds in minimal time and with complete design freedom.

“With Massivit 3D printers give us almost unlimited possibilities for interior design in terms of uniqueness and visual impact.”

Federica Tisato, GM - Sismaitalia

Concept Prototyping – New Possibilities with Large 3D Printing

Large 3D printing additionally offers new possibilities for the automotive manufacturing world. A new league in creative concept car prototyping has now been reached, where traditional manufacturing methods – such as CNC routing – could not have produced such complex designs or would have taken significantly more time and cost much more.

In 2019, Marie 3D – large format 3D printing specialists based in Paris – and renowned car designer, Takumi Yamamoto, produced a groundbreaking, 3D-printed, full-scale concept car as a tribute to David Bowie and showcased it at the Festival Automobile International (FAI). Large 3D printing was selected as the only feasible production method for implementing this unique concept car. The production process additionally proved to be faster, more cost-effective, and produced less waste than with traditional methods.

“This design was not possible to fabricate with a normal solution and the speed is impressive compared to CNC modeling.”

Takumi Yamamoto, designer of 3D printed car honoring David Bowie.

Large 3D Printing And The Future

The allure of 3D printing is universal. Now, with the invaluable additional benefits of radical speed and unlimited size, the possibilities for large 3D printing are endless and will undoubtedly impact many more untapped markets. Find out more about the benefits you can achieve with Massivit 3D and how a large 3D printer may fit your business

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