3D Printing for the Rail Industry




Eliminate the need for costly and labor-intensive manual fabrication of spare parts, custom interior and exterior parts, and validation prototypes.


Railway manufacturers and service providers regularly require custom parts on demand – as well as spare parts – for a broad range of different train and tram models. Frequent damage to front panels and other components forces tram manufacturers to maintain a vast inventory of different spare parts for various trams.

The incredible speed and versatility of Massivit 3D’s additive manufacturing systems allow railway operators to minimize time spent for repairs, saving both time and money. Complex forms can be achieved with digital accuracy. A variety of proprietary 3D printing materials allows for the properties required for various applications in the rail industry, including resistance to heat, pressure, flame retardancy, and certain types of chemicals. Interior parts can also be printed and reinforced with composite materials, enabling the rapid and modular reconfiguration of cabs, passenger cabins, galleys, and more.


  • Exterior Train and Tram Panels
  • Custom Spare Parts
  • Interior Custom Fittings & Ergonomic Dashboard
  • Fiberglass Composite Parts Based on 3D Printed Cor
  • Prototypes for Performance & Validation Tests


  • Print any part you need, whenever you need it – without maintaining huge warehouses of spare inventory or waiting for parts to be shipped from elsewhere
  • Speed of printing enables trains and trams to have maximum operational time, improving overall efficiency and saving money
  • Large-scale 3D printing minimizes time otherwise spent on joining multiple smaller pieces into one, and eliminates the need for hand-crafted molds and the storage space required to house them.

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World-First Full Scale 3D Printed Concept Car for FAI

Takumi Yamamoto, renowned designer of the GT by Citroen, unveils the world’s first 3D printed scale concept car, produced on a Massivit 1800 by Marie 3D. Commissioned by the prestigious Festival Automobile International in Paris, FAI President Rémi Depoix said: “I am very impressed with this new technology. It opens up new opportunities in terms of creativity and design for the automotive industry.”

Watch the DB Project video here.

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