Gcodes for 1 shield frame at a time > Download here
Gcodes for 10 shield frames per printing head (20 at a time) > Download here



These Gcodes are suitable for the Massivit 1800 with UV twin.
Customers who have a Massivit 1500, or UV ring, will need to re-slice the file.

Printing data for 1 face shield: 12 minutes, 144.85 g.
Printing data for 10 face shields: 2 hours, 1.24 kg.


Original design by Twan Kerckhofs, ART Nzo.



The Massivit 3D PPE Face Shields are made of polyacrylate for the frame, and 175 micron acetate for the shields. The face shield must not be used without the designated foam protectors attached to the frame.

These shields are not medical masks and, if used without other protection, offer only a minimal physical barrier. Massivit 3D makes no medical claims with regard to their usage and does not claim to be able to prevent the transmission of disease. Our shields are not FDA approved. Our shields are limited, handcrafted items and the company is not affiliated with any organizations, manufacturers, companies, or medical services.

As with all health considerations, if you are seeking a face shield to wear in relation to medical issues, please consult with a trusted medical professional to determine compatibility with your personal physical condition. These face shields do not come with filters or the option to insert filters. The face shields are not assembled in a sterile environment, however all possible precautions have been taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing and limited person-to-person contact outside of the immediate production facility. Gloves are worn during assembly, however cleaning of shields prior to any use is always recommended as an extra precaution.