Massivit 3D Printing Solutions


Expand Your Business Offering with Innovation and Speed

Massivit 3D is the only provider of large format 3D printing solutions for the visual communication arena. Massivit 3D offers uniquely rapid additive manufacturing technology combined with proprietary printing materials, user-friendly software, and a suite of personalized services dedicated to customer success.





The large format print industry is a highly competitive market, presenting a challenge to businesses in terms of gaining a competitive edge. Massivit 3D Printing Solutions leverage unique, patented Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology that empowers print services, exhibition and entertainment producers, and interior designers to secure new revenue sources by providing innovative 3D campaigns at an unprecedented speed.

  • Unprecedented turnaround speed
  • Super-size printing capacity
  • Patented materials
  • Integrated, user-friendly software
  • 100+ applications and growing
  • Services dedicated to customer success

Massivit 3D Printers



Massivit 3D brings to the visual communications market a portfolio of large format, high-speed, 3D printing solutions that produce outstanding, giant signage, displays, and props. The Massivit 1800 Pro, Massivit 1800 Flagship 3D Printer, and Massivit 1500 Exploration 3D Printer leverage proprietary, high-speed, additive manufacturing technology that empowers print service providers, entertainment fabricators, events and exhibition producers, and interior design fabricators to grow and differentiate their business in a cost-effective way.





Massivit 3D Printers provide ten times the linear speed of other 3D printers and endless creative possibilities:

  • Custom, creative, giant displays
  • Complete geometry freedom
  • Lightweight, illuminable models for maximum impact
  • Instantly-curing printing gel
  • Variable resolution capability
  • Little or no support structures required
  • Remote operation and monitoring

To All 3D Printers

Massivit 3D

Max. printing size

145 cm
111 cm
180 cm

Super-speed productivity

Turn around super-size projects in hours instead of days with build-up rates of up to 35cm/hr | 14 in/hr and optional dual-object printing.


Super-easy operation

Massivit 3D Printers are remarkably simple to operate, so you can be operational in no time. Their touchscreen printer control and vacuum print table with a printing liner are just some of the ways we make printing and handling of objects easy.

Printing Materials


Proprietary, instantly-curing gel

Dimengel plays an essential role in Massivit 1800’s ability to print super-size lightweight objects at remarkable speed. Developed by Massivit’s materials team, Dimengel is a proprietary photo polymeric acrylic gel with several outstanding characteristics.






  • Produces a finished object that is lightweight and durable
  • High viscosity parameters enable Massivit 1800 to produce non-vertical parts, tops, ceilings and more without the need for printing support structures
  • UV sensitive properties enable rapid layering and rapid curing using low energy UV light
  • Curing speed delivers “ready” objects right off the printer. No post-curing or post processing is required
  • The final printed object is highly receptive to multiple types of finishes

Massivit SMART Software



Massivit Smart is an integrated proprietary software that simplifies your 3D printing workflow and optimizes your 3D files for Massivit 3D printing. Using advanced micro-support algorithms, it allows you to produce hollow models with vertical angles, thereby minimize printing time, material waste, and support structures.









Massivit SMART enables scaling, rotating, and slicing of 3D files. It outputs a ready-to-print file according to your specified print mode. In addition, the software’s Variable Resolution mode facilitates changing resolutions for a given model to maximize quality and production speed.

  • New UI for a simplified workflow
  • Outside micro support facilitates production of molds for concrete casting
  • Automated, free-form ribbing for overhangs
  • Automated mirror function for ribbing
  • Automatic identification of straight surfaces that require internal ribbing to prevent deformities
  • Advanced and customized pole support enabling user control over stability and specific needs
  • Instant hole fixes for 3D files from within the slicer
  • In-software cutting of 3D files
  • Outside micro support facilitates production of molds for concrete casting
  • Calculated surface area and volume per model to inform finishing process
  • Instant, in-software access to Massivit 3D Support Center